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  • NEWS 11/2021:

    Monday 08.11.2021

    UPDATE delivery of KSM models

    At the moment, the fine-tuning is being carried out on perfecting the models.
    Covid-19 has ensured that both within the production department and at the suppliers
    necessary means of production residues have arisen. This and the necessary tests, adjustments to details in
    close coordination with IVECO Bus etc. delayed the planned schedule. With KSM models that is striving
    the highest priority for the highest quality in the end product.

    Within the CNH Industrial Group in Turin, to which IVECO Bus belongs, found various
    Restructuring in the corporate structure takes place. This situation cost us valuable time.

    The IVECO Bus division approves the KSM models.

    The packaging is provided with hologram stickers from IVECO Bus to ensure authenticity and approval
    to guarantee. IVECO Bus strictly monitors compliance with the quality requirements they have set.
    All in all, the start-up of a new production line has been delayed due to the circumstances
    but the first models of the Irisbus will roll off the assembly line in the not too distant future.
    The plan is for the first models to arrive in November / December. We are working hard on it.

    We will keep you posted.


    Monday 17.05.2021
    Spezial model: Danish Irisbus Crossway LE Sydtrafik Tidebus as model

    Thursday 06.05.2021
    Spezial model: Irisbus Crossway LE Weser-Ems-Bus 233

    Saturday 01.05.2021
    Dutch exclusive edition: - Irisbus Crossway LE Veolia

    Thursday 06.05.2021
    Two Spezial model
    from Belgien - TEC and  De Lijn

    Friday 23.05.2021
    Tow Spezial model
    Weihrauch Uhlendorff, Weihrauch Verkehrsgesellschaft Alfeld

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