According to the European legal basis, our products must comply with the Product Safety Act (ProdSG in Germany). This law regulates the safety requirements for technical work equipment and consumer products.

Our models do not fall under the toy directive EC / 2009/48. Annex I of the directive lists the products that are not considered toys in the sense of the toy directive in particular. Item 2. Products for collectors, provided that there is a visible and legible notice on the product or its packaging, according to which the product is intended for collectors who are at least 14 years old. This category includes: a) Small scale models true to the original and true to scale.


Our products fall into three different categories :

Category 1 Category 2   Category 3
Collector's model without electronics and without drive   Collector's model with electronics and without drive   Collector's model with electronics and drive
no CE guidelines can be applied   EU/2014/30 EMV-guideline   EG/2006/42 Maschinen-guideline
EU/2011/65 RoHS-guideline EU/2014/30 EMV-guideline
      EU/2011/65 RoHS-guideline
The Enterprise:

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 kontakt (@) ksm-modelle.de

KSM models are licensed products. Distribution, reproduction and production, be it in other colors, dimensions and lettering is prohibited.